Graduate students

Sarah Brown (PhD, 2011) – The Use of Genetic Markers to Study the Human-Assisted Dispersal of California Black Bears and Old-World Indigenous Dogs (UC Davis, F2008-W2011)

Mourad Gabriel (PhD, 2013) – Population Health of California Fishers (UC Davis, F2008-F2013)

Greta Wengert (PhD, 2013) – Ecology of Intraguild Predation on Fishers (Martes pennanti) in California (UC Davis, F2008-F2013)

Sini Reponen (MS, 2013) – Origins and Population Structure of Feral Dogs on Isabela Island, Galápagos (UC Davis, S2012-S2013)

MaryJo Olegario (MS, 2013) – Development of a short tandem repeat multiplex for Columbian black-tailed deer (UC Davis, S2013)

Donna Imes (MS, 2012) – Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms within the mtDNA genome of the domestic dog to discriminate individuals with common HVI haplotypes (UC Davis, S2012)

Karen Converse (MS, 2012) – Genetic mating system and territory inheritance in the Sacramento Valley red fox (California State University, Sacramento, Dec 2012)

Katherine Marquez (MS, 2011) – Connectivity of two urban coyote (Canis latrans) populations (Sacramento and San Francisco) to surrounding rural populations (California State University, Sacramento, May 2011)

Marcelle Moore (MS, 2009) – Impacts of encroaching non-native red foxes on the native Sacramento Valley red fox (California State University, Sacramento, Aug 2009)

Marika Ichiyanagi (MS, 2009) – The adaptive context of ultraviolet induced reflectance and fluorescence patterns within the order Rodentia (California State University, Sacramento, Dec 2009)

Undergraduate senior practicum students

Danielle Nisan (Historical DNA from North Pacific albatrosses, Animal Biology, 2012–2013)

Shannon Green (Ancient DNA of dogs, Anthropology, 2012–2013)

Andrew Richards (space Use of Sacramento Valley red foxes Animal Biology, 2010–2011)

Michelle Croom (Activity of Sacramento Valley red foxes, Animal Biology, 2010–2011)

Stephanie Klein (Disease ecology in fishers, Animal Biology, 2011–2012)

Veterinary Student interns

Alicia Bruce (Radiotelemetry of Sacramento Valley red foxes, summer 2010)

Undergraduate Interns

Victoria Kistner (F2012–Sm2013)

Alex Rodriguez (W2012–S2013)

Siobhan Aamoth (S2012–Sm 2013)

Shannon Green (S2012–S2013)

Devin Merritt (S2013–Sm 2013)

Arisa Mototake (S2011–F2012)

Michael Kato (S2010–F2012)

Scott Watanabe (F2010–F2011)

Natalie Johnson (S2010–F2010)

Quentin Voyce (F2009–F2010)

Lisa Wong (F2009–F2010)

Kristen Ahrens (F2008–F2010)

Deborah (Lytle) Hoover (F2008–F2010)

Lily Douglas (F2009–S2010)

Clara Laursen (F2008–S2009)

Annie Brodsky (F2008–S2009)

Susan Louie (F2007–F2008)

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