Our reseach involves use of DNA-based, remote-camera, telemetry, den search, and snowtracking surveys for individual identification and enumeration in areas of known presence and surveys to discover additional populations.

(Left) Sacramento Valley red fox (Vulpes vulpes patwin)

(Right) Sacramento Valley red foxes being measured, sampled for parasites, blood, and DNA, and fitted with VHF telemetry collars (people, left to right: B Sacks, M Gabriel)









(Above) Sacramento Valley red foxes being released after radio-collaring (people, left to right: A. Gonzales (CDFG), B Sacks)

(Above) M Statham holds Sacramento Vallery red fox pup, SV9, before release after taking measurements and biological samples

(left) Lassen area Sierra Nevada red fox, by MW Gabriel; (right) Sierra Nevada red fox, north of Yosemite, by J Akins


(left 2) J Akins, (right) W Deacy, snowtracking Sierra Nevada red foxes, north of Yosemite, April 2011

(Left) Sierra Nevada red fox tracks at ~10,000 ft, Feb 2011, A Rich, USFS; (Right) Sierra Nevada red fox, cross morph, north of Yosemite, A Rich, USFS