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Our primary mission is to conduct research that advances both the persistence of wild mammal biodiversity and our basic understanding of mammal evolution and ecology. In this context, the Mammalian Ecology and Conservation (MEC) Group is an educational entity, providing opportunities for graduate, undergraduate, veterinary student, and post-doctoral research. We collaborate internationally and locally with other academic investigators and work closely with state, federal, and local agencies to ensure that our research has practical application. We also host students and volunteers from other universities and community colleges, providing opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds to come together, collaborate, and learn from one another. Although genetic tools are a cornerstone of our methodologies, we use of both field and laboratory based approaches in our research. The MEC Group is housed in the Center for Veterinary Genetics wing of the CCAH Building on the UC Davis campus (click for directions).

Why the name change?

Initially, the "Canid Diversity and Conservation Group (CDCG)" focused strictly on canids, but gradually expanded our research on other mammalian taxa to the point that our former name has become antiquated. Although we continue to maintain an active canid research and conservation program, we now work on a range of mammalian (and an occasional bird) species. The new name more accurately reflects our present focus.


Deer Fecal Pellet Genotyping


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