UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Genetics Laboratory


Dr. Ben Sacks, Assoc. Adjunct Professor

Laboratory manager

Dr. Mark Statham, Project Scientist

Assistant Laboratory Manager

Zachary Lounsberry, MS, Asst. Specialist

Post-doctoral scholars

Dr. Sarah Brown (2011–2014)

Dr. Karin Norén (2011–present)

Graduate students

Jocelyn Akins (PhD) – Connectivity and habitat use of remnant populations of the Washington Cascade fox (F2010-present) – National Science and Engineering Research Council fellow 2010-2011

Catherine Quinn (PhD) – Ecological and evolutionary genomics of the endangered Sierra Nevada red fox (F2012-present) – National Science Foundation GRFP fellow 2012-2015

Carolyn Whitesell (PhD) – Does cattle depredation behavior by lions in Botswana relate to lion pedigree (F2012-present) – National Science Foundation GRFP fellow 2013-2016

Preston Alden (PhD)  – Sage grouse predation and expanding red fox populations in the Great Basin  (F2013-present)

Jennifer Brazeal (PhD) –   Genomic and evolutionary mechanisms of migratory behavior in hybridizing black-tailed and mule deer (F2013-present)

Luis Hernandez (PhD) - Genomics of endangered rodents (2015-present)

Kris Kluepfel (MS) - Y chromosome markers for red foxes (2014-present)

Kathleen Miles (MS) – Habitat use of the Sacramento Valley red fox (F2013-2015)

Technical staff

Tom Batter, BS (field technician, Sac Valley red fox) (2015-present)

Sophie Preckler-Quisquater, BS (field technician, Sac Valley red fox) (2015-present)

Sini Reponen, MS (molecular genetics junior specialist) (2013–2014)

Luis Hernandez,BS (laboratory and field technician) (2013–2015)

Michelle Holtz, (laboratory and field technician) (2013–2014)

David Wolfson, BS (laboratory and field technician) (2013–2013)

Undergraduate Interns

Natalie Goddard (F 2011-2014, Honors thesis: gray fox)

Naomi Barney (F2013-2014; senior practicum: Pacific marten)

Sarah Carroll (S2013-2013)

Susan Fresquez (S2013-2014)

Jacqueline Hurd (S2013-2013)

Ethan Palm (S2013-2013)

Young Ha Suh (F2013-2013)

Graduate students in other UC Davis laboratories contributing to MECU

Chelsea Smith (PhD, UC Davis, Anthropology)

Graduate students from collaborating institutions

Adrienne Egge (University of New Orleans) – Origins and Landscape Genetics of the Eastern Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) (2010–present)

Carrie Merson (Texas A & M) – Genetics of a hybrid zone between native and nonnative red foxes of the Rocky Mountains (2011–present)

Logan Volkmann (Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, MS Thesis collaborator) – Genetics of a hybrid zone between native and nonnative red foxes of the Rocky Mountains (2011–2014)

Brian Luke (California State University, Sacramento) – Population genetics of California ringtails (2008–????)

William Gulsby (University of Georgia, PhD Dissertation collaborator) –Estimating coyote abundance through genetic fecal mark-recapture in response to predator management in two deer herds (2010–2014)

Visiting Scholars

Professor Shannon Datwyler, (Sabbatical Fall 2011, California State University, Sacramento)

Dr. Lorna Kennedy (Spring 2012, University of Manchester, Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research)

(Archive of past laboratory members)


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