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DNA test to identify which dog pooped
and who didn't scoop

While most pet owners responsibly clean up after their dogs, the few who do not can create a nuisance for all. New DNA technology allows you to positively identify offenders and hold their owners responsible.

Keep your neighborhood clean

Collect cheek swabs from all area dogs to create your database

Collect and submit feces using the DogPile ID collection kit

Discover the offender when you receive your report

Although feces is not an ideal source for DNA profiling, the Forensic Unit of the VGL has developed new tests that can overcome problems commonly encountered with feces testing to make sure that your results are accurate, reproducible, and can hold up in court. The DogPile ID test is the only dog DNA testing offered by an accredited crime laboratory that has been accepted by a court of law.

Cost & Sample Collection

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