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Camarillo White - W4 ($40)

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Multiple dominant white mutations have occurred in horses across different breeds. One of these mutations has been preserved through breeding and formed the basis for creation of a new breed based on the white phenotype. Camarillo White Horses are the result of one such KIT gene mutation called W4. A Southern California rancher named Adolfo Camarillo  purchased  Sultan , white stallion born around 1912, and bred him to Morgan Horse mares to create white horses that became famous performers in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade and other local events. The Camarillo family kept the white horses until 1987 when they were dispersed at a public auction. In 1992 the Camarillo White Horse Association was formed to preserve white horses descended from Sultan.

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a genetic test for the W4 mutation unique to the Camarillo White Horse.

Results reported as:

N/N Horse does not have the Camarillo White Mutation.
CW/N Horse has Camarillo White Mutation and will transmit this gene to 50% of offspring.*

Results reported in 5-10 business days.

*Homozygous CW/CW horses have not been observed. The W4 mutation is likely to be lethal in utero.

This test is specific for the W4 mutation in the KIT gene that produces the dominant white phenotype of Camarillo White Horses

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